Munich was wonderful…really

After rereading my last post, it seems as if I was very hard on Munich…me? judgmental??? I want to say that my overall view of Munich is still wonderful. It’s a vibrant small city with a lot going on. The beer culture there, of course, makes Fort Collins’ claim to be the Napa of Beer seem weak, and the music scene is really amazing. Last night I returned to the Asamkirche (the very Baroque one I talked about last time) for a great organ concert by a young woman, and the place was packed and included many young adults and some teens. You probably wouldn’t see that too often in Fort Collins, except for Joel Bacon’s Halloween Concert at CSU. It also seems like a really livable city with extremely well-designed public transportation. Imagine getting to DIA by rail!
And the reconstruction after the bombing in World War II was phenomenal. (I think that last point might get lost on some younger people…my dad was a bomber pilot, who was scheduled to start flying over Europe in 1945 when the war ended.) It is unbelievable how much has been rebuilt.
It was a really nice way to get caught up from the jet lag. I flew to Naples this morning and met the other pilgrims on the flight. One fellow was on the Ireland Pilgrimage, and another heads outdoor ministries in the Maine Conference. Great to see Marcus, Marianne, Dom, and Sarah, each of whom are doing well. It’s in the 80s here in Naples…sorry about the snow at home!

P.S. The WordPress iPad app is pretty horrible, so between that and the weak WiFi link here in Naples, I may be a little spotty in posting.