Finally En Route

Right now, I’m 35,000 feet over Aberdeen, South Dakota en route to Frankfurt and then on to Munich. To be honest I wondered if I’dbe on this flight after this afternoon’s comedy of errors.
It all began with trousers.
Nope, they we nowhere to be found…except in the dirty clothes hamper. I hurriedly washed them by hand and Jane Anne tossed them in the dryer while I showered. Mission accomplished…until I bent over to zip my suitcase and ripped the crotch out of the trousers. Jane Anne to the rescue: she sewed them up while I started driving to the airport in my boxers, seamstress int the copilot’s seat. We headed across Ziegler Road and encountered a detour…35 minutes worth of detour. The traffic delay did give me a chance to put my trousers on. Not good when cutting it close for an international flight, but the bag made it on board and so did I.
Now it’s time for a cold Warsteiner and an Ambien…Gute Nacht!
Did I say how much I love to fly with Lufthansa? Adequate staffing, super media offerings (many, many movies and great classical albums on offer), little hot towels after take off and waking up. It’s almost like the old days when airlines delivered customer service.
They woke us as we were approaching the west coast of Ireland, and it made me miss my time there…and looking north toward Iona and the Inner Hebrides brought back memories of my last sabbatical. We then flew over the Isle of Man, where I spent time on my last sabbatical with Doug and Carol Fox. Check out the isle demo 30,000 feet!

I’m now in the Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to Munich. I love countries where Coke is more expensive than beer. Had a wonderful panini and glass of Andechser Helles Bier and it was less than I’d pay at DIA.

And now in Munich! Not a bad trip, all in all. Looking forward to May Day festivities here tomorrow.