Sabbatical Day One

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado…sunny in the 60s….with 8-14 inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow. And am I worried? Nope. : ) Nowhere to go but a nice corner of the library to read tomorrow.


Today, however, I started my sabbatical at the Raintree Athletic Club, spending over an hour in the saddle of a stationary bike in Spinning class. Good first step toward relaxation. (The above New Yorker cartoon was given to me by two dear parishioners five years ago during me previous sabbatical.)

Yesterday I said goodbye to the congregation and received some nice wishes, and I’m really thankful for the gifts people gave to help support the pilgrimage to Italy and time away more locally. I also received some wonderful cards, one (below) hand-drawn by one of our members. She and her husband, as well as the couple who gave me the above cartoon, are kind of like surrogate parents…but cooler! : )


I also got a card from one of our members whose two adult children are BOTH UCC ministers. She was also on the search committee that called me back in 2002, and wrote, “Sitting here this morning, seeing the filled pews, hearing the beautiful music, and feeling the amazing energy makes me feel so happy for Plymouth and for you. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring us where we are today.” That means SO much to me. It hasn’t been smooth sailing at every moment in the past 11 years, but it has been rich.

Blessings to all at Plymouth for a deepening sabbath time while I’m away. And special thanks to my dear colleague, Sharon Benton, who did a wonderfully moving children’s sermon yesterday, asking the kids what they hoped I would remember about God on my pilgrimage:

“God loves you always.” (I’ll try to remember that.)

“God is with you always.” (I feel God’s presence…especially among our kids.)

“It’s good to be silent with God.” (I need to more of that…my Jesuit friends will help me.)

“God speaks to you.” (I’ll try to keep my ears open!)

“Read good stories.” (I’ve already started! Terra Incognita, a mystery novel of Roman Britain!)

“Pray for us.” (I will.)