More travel plans

300px-Healing_of_a_bleeding_women_Marcellinus-Peter-CatacombI found that in order to fly directly to Germany to meet the other pilgrims for a flight to Naples, I’ll need to fly into Munich a day or two ahead of time. (Bummer, right?!) So, the plan now is to fly DEN to Frankfurt on April 29 (arriving April 30) and then take a short hop into Munich, where I’ll meet the rest of the group for a flight to Naples on May 2.

Found a great pension in the center of the Munich Altstadt. The last time I was there was the year before Cameron was born, when a friend and I designed our own two-week bike trip from Munich to Vienna.

Looking forward to seeing the catacombs in and around Rome. This photo is a very early depiction of the the woman with the hemorrhage touching the hem of Jesus’ robe. (Interesting that they chose a scene from Jesus’ healing ministry, not an exalted theme of cosmic royalty.)

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